Prediction, Behavior and Situational Awareness

Every year, 35 million hectares – or about 1% of the world’s forests – are lost to wildfire. Recently in North America the area burnt by wildfire has increased sharply, while regions like Southeast Asia and South America have seen a rise in the number of land-clearing fires and other escaped wildfires in equatorial forests. AEM has assembled a diverse set of brands to provide the full spectrum of solutions needed to gather situational awareness and enable rapid organizational responses to wildfire risk.

Data and Insights for Decision Makers

Global Leader for 40 Years

What began with wildfire preparedness, providing remote automated weather stations and data to help countries calculate their national fire danger rating codes, has expanded to include wildfire behavior solutions, cameras, cloud software, mobile apps, and portable air quality stations.
Lightning Detection

Identify Potential Fire Situations

With lightning causing over 50% of wildfires, quick detection of lightning increases lead times for effective response. Using proprietary lightning data, users can track lightning locations and receive real-time alerts to keep a close eye on potential fire situations.
Monitor flooding potential

Post Wildfire Hazards Management

Ground conditions drastically change following wildfires—greatly increasing the potential for life-threatening flash flooding and landslides during heavy rain. High Sierra Electronics field teams can quickly mobilize to get crucial real-time rainfall and flow monitoring in place for remote locations.