Weather & Climate

Monitoring an Evolving Environment

The world we live in is rapidly evolving.  With an increase in tornados, flooding, hurricanes, and other severe weather, the organizational impact of environmental change will be significant. To effectively react to these increased weather events, public entities and commercial organizations must be equipped with the right technology to effectively measure, monitor, and react to threatening weather situations.

AEM has assembled a diverse set of brands to provide the full spectrum of solutions needed to gather situational awareness and quickly respond.

Reliable Data & Forecasting

Professional Grade Weather Stations

Weather models need reliable measurement data to ensure dependable forecasts. Lambrecht sensors and data loggers are precise, low-maintenance, and durable, providing the basis for accurate forecasts.
Severe Weather Detection

Earth Networks Total Lightning Network

Dangerous weather events such as hail, tornados, and high winds often occur within minutes of in-cloud lightning. The proprietary sensor technology used by the Total Lightning Network improves severe weather warning times by up to 45 minutes.
Real-Time Monitoring

Visualization and Decision Support

Our Contrail software collects, processes and archives rainfall, flow, stream level, weather station and other hydrometeorological data from virtually any sensor type and a variety of transmission protocols to enable the early detection and warning of potentially hazardous conditions.