Understanding the Implications of Water

Water is critical for life and often beautiful, but can also be challenging and destructive. Understanding and reacting to water as populations increase, urbanization spreads, infrastructures age, and weather patterns change can be a complex endeavor. Real-time management of monsoon rainfall, urban and flash flooding, dam safety and operations, sewer operations, and irrigation are some of the core activities for which AEM’s diverse brands provide the full spectrum of solutions needed for situational awareness and rapid organizational responses to managing water risk.


Experts Measuring Water

OneRain's sensing network design and deployment, telemetry, and software enable real-time collection of hydrological data, start to finish. Automated communications enable actions that reduce risk, minimize losses and save lives.
Flood Forecasting

Predicting Where, When, and How Much

Predicting, tracking and integrating rainfall and inundation information improves efficiencies in planning, forecasting and responding to rainfall related impacts.

Detecting Flooded Roadways

Flooding is among the highest causes of vehicle-related deaths during severe weather. These can be prevented with High Sierra Electronic's autonomous systems that detect water on roads and warn or block the public from the dangers of entering a flooded road.