Vieux & Associates

Vieux & Associates (Vieux) is an engineering technology firm specializing in radar rainfall / runoff software, products, and related services.

A recognized leader in gauge adjusted radar rainfall (GARR) and predictive hydrologic modeling systems, Vieux delivers world-class rainfall and flood warning systems.

Getting Rainfall Right

Organizations affected by rainfall are Vieux's primary clients. From flooding to collection systems, they provide accurate and spatially distributed rainfall information. They address what is happening between the gauges. Their suite of gridded and basin-averaged rainfall products, advanced analysis and modeling software leverages local information within a cloud-based environment to provide solutions to complex rainfall-runoff impacts.

Municipal and Regional Wet Weather Program Support

GARR provides more consistent and representative rainfall distribution for rainfall events. The combination of radar and rain gauge sensors is less sensitive to individual rain gauge malfunction than gauge-only rainfall measurements. Vieux services support wet weather program regulatory reporting, capacity and I&I assessment, system optimization and public engagement efforts.

Flash Flood Common Operating Systems

Leveraging Amazon Web Services, Vieux delivers timely, reliable visualization, notification, and management of multiple flood related data feeds. In addition to supporting operational flood management, the services provide replay capabilities for event review, and immediate preliminary after-action reports with damage estimates.

Water Resources Management

Decision support tools for water resource management bring information to the people that need it. The Vieux reservoir inflow tool collects, stores, and analyzes both current and forecast rainfall, measured streamflow and reservoir pool elevation which is useful in reservoir operations and flood monitoring.


Anticipate flood risk