Road Weather

Knowing the Road is Safe, or Not

Today’s traffic demands are higher than ever. Drivers, transportation departments, and increasingly, smart vehicles, require information to maintain transportation safety. Technology offers information about the road conditions and the vehicles that are moving along them. AEM has assembled a diverse set of brands to provide the full spectrum of solutions needed to plan for weather, carry out efficient road operations, and respond to weather-related threats, thus reducing risk.

Enhanced Road Safety

Timely Decisions and Improved Traffic Safety

Effective road management starts with knowing the conditions everywhere. High Sierra Electronics' fixed and mobile road weather sensors, along with traffic cameras in an RWIS network, provide the tools needed to effectively mitigate the dangers of severe weather on our roads.
Situational Awareness

Multi-Source Data Integration

ContrailĀ® enterprise software centralizes data collection from road weather and pavement sensors, road weather stations, mobile RWIS sensors, traffic cameras and any available weather data to provide a real-time overview and management of roadway conditions.
Public Safety

Road Weather Information System (RWIS)

The FTS RWIS and FTS360 software are a great way to start improving road condition monitoring, communications and operational efficiency in the community using quality, real-time, localized data.