High Sierra Electronics

Since 1992, High Sierra Electronics (HSE) has been designing and manufacturing environmental monitoring systems for the protection of lives and property. Their systems help identify threats posed by the weather, which include flooding, dangerous road conditions, and vulnerable dams and levees. HSE provides turn-key solutions from sensors in the field to central software that collects data for decision makers and disseminates alarms.

They have a longstanding reputation for business integrity, engineering expertise, product reliability, and professional service. Their customers know they can rely on their commitment to provide solutions that support them in their mission.

Weather Networks for Safety

HSE’s monitoring systems include all the remote site equipment, communications equipment, and central base station equipment and software required for a complete, integrated solution. They are ideally suited for applications requiring real-time environmental data – measurements of rainfall, snow, and water levels in streams, rivers, and other bodies of water for hydrology applications. For road weather applications, HSE’s Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS) provide real-time information about weather and roadway conditions for public safety and for operations and maintenance personnel to stay informed to make timely decisions and improve traffic safety.

High Water Detection Systems

There are thousands of low water crossings in the U.S. alone, and the highest flood death rates are due to people driving through flooded roadways. Starting in the early 2000s, HSE developed the technology to automatically alert drivers and road personnel of dangerous flood conditions. Sensors activate flashing beacons and gates automatically when water levels rise, and Contrail® software supports the responsible agency and potentially their public website.

Flood Early Warning

HSE has provided field sensors and ALERT (automated evaluation in real time) telemetry to agencies managing flash flood scenarios from its start. ALERT (and now ALERT2®) are open standard radio protocols that enable low-power, real-time VHF radio remote monitoring of hydromet data. Over its three decades, HSE has delivered more systems than any other company, in the thousands, thus saving countless lives and helping protect property.

Real-Time Road Safety

Many departments of transportation use road weather information system (RWIS) solutions to manage their roadways safely. RWIS stations provide subsurface, road and atmospheric weather data for road weather forecasts used to plan material and labor, saving agencies and taxpayers money. More recently, agencies have started using HSE’s advanced RWIS stations to manage speed limits in real time for traffic safety according to current road conditions.