FTS Forest Technology Systems

FTS’ vision is to help build resilient communities against extreme weather events by providing innovative and reliable situational awareness.

Their mission is to make our customers successful in their efforts to monitor, record, and analyze changes in the natural environment.

FTS has been designing reliable environmental monitoring solutions for extreme environments for four decades. Get to know them and see why their products, services and support are trusted for mission critical applications.

Read their press release celebrating 40 years of bringing reliability and innovation to environmental monitoring.

Situational Awareness

Extreme weather event lifecycles can often be categorized by distinct stages: monitoring, detection, initial action, full response, under control, remediation and back to monitoring. In many cases each stage is highly reliant on the previous stage. As weather events can evolve rapidly, FTS solutions can provide situational awareness at all stages to support critical decisions that can protect lives and property.


The National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) rates the risk of a forest fire based on scientific grade weather measurements. The FTS Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS) is the product of choice meeting all of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NCWG) standards. There are over 3,000 FTS RAWS in operation today by the top 50 Government Forest Management Agencies in the United States and Canada.


Each year thousands of wildfires occur across the United States and Canada. All fires require continuous local monitoring so agencies can make effective decisions that save lives and property. Acting as overwatch, FTS360 software and the Remote Automated Observation System (RAOS) provide ground and air attack teams reliable imagery with weather overlay data during the day and thermal images at night to support lookout teams.


Reliable and accurate sensors provide critical data for forecasting models to produce ongoing flash flood guidance and threat information. With its revolutionary airflow system and rapid detection of water level changes, the FTS Bubbler is used extensively by the USGS and exclusively by the Water Survey of Canada.


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