Davis Instruments

Davis Instruments created the personal weather station market over 30 years ago. Since then, Davis has continued to lead the industry in accurate, reliable, and affordable weather instruments and data communication platforms for homeowners, businesses, schools, researchers, municipalities, and growers.

Davis’ EnviroMonitor agricultural technology allows farmers to increase yields and use resources efficiently by making data-informed decisions. The original Davis Instruments line of marine products has been making boating more fun and safer for 50 years. Davis enjoys an excellent reputation, across all product lines, for high quality, durable, and easy to use products and excellent customer service.

It All Starts with the Weather

While weather is not within our control, users can base growing, business, safety, and education decisions on real-time, very local weather data.


Davis’ EnviroMonitor system is on the forefront of smart-agriculture, providing affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions for growers. With a self-optimizing mesh network of sensors sending data to the WeatherLink Cloud via cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, EnviroMonitor and the Mobilize app puts the data growers need to make crucial decisions in the palm of their hands, 24/7.


Real-time, hyper-local weather data is essential to many industries, research projects, and public safety programs. From humidity-controlled workspaces to hazmat wind effects, from severe weather safety to sun safety at outdoor events and schools, critical decisions are driven by weather data provided by Davis Vantage Pro2 stations. Davis’ WeatherLink.com, with its powerful API, gives users the ability to customize how they access, share, and analyze their data.


The advent of personal weather stations has put a spotlight on how different weather conditions can be between microclimates just a few miles apart. With a Davis Vantage Vue weather station, homeowners, schools, and small business owners can see and analyze their own real-time temperature, wind, rain, atmospheric pressure, and much more via the WeatherLink.com Cloud platform and mobile apps.


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