Business Continuity

Minimize Operational Disruptions Due to Weather

Weather impacts every business. From decisions about keeping staff and customers safe, to making sure operations continue running when severe weather strikes, the AEM family of innovators has a solution for all your weather business continuity planning needs. Adverse weather is among the top 10 business interruption concerns, yet it is the most predictable threat. Modern sensors, analytics, and alerting capabilities can ensure operational downtime is limited.

Situational Awareness

Limit Downtime and Increase Efficiency

A weather dashboard shows the historical, current and forecast conditions for key operational sites. Use those insights to set up automated alerts and share emergency plans with every member of the response team.
Data Integration & Sharing

Create a Common Operating Picture

Increasing rainfall intensities and amounts can impact infrastructure planning and operations. Rainfall and flood related data integration can be aggregated, analyzed, downloaded, and shared across the organization.
Smart System Solutions

Optimize Facility Conditions

For smart buildings and facility management, Lambrecht offers professional sensors and data loggers to optimize energy consumption, indoor climate and protect against property damage caused by external weather influences.