Air Quality

Local Measurement and Real-Time Communication

According to the WHO, more than 5.5 million people worldwide die each year as a result of air pollution. While many of these deaths occur in large cities, where exhaust from cars, factories, and power plants fill the air with hazardous particles, wildfires are also a major contributor. AEM has assembled a diverse set of brands to provide the full spectrum of solutions needed to gather situational awareness and enable rapid organizational and public responses to air quality risk.

Public Awareness

Compact Portable Systems

Increased public demand for air quality information during wildfire season and recent changes in US legislation require local measurements by portable automated stations that can be easily published by the Air Resource Managers assigned to the wildfire.
Pollen Monitoring

Real-Time Measurement

Accurate monitoring and counts can better inform those individuals with pollen sensitivities to take appropriate protective measures. Since pollen count varies constantly, continuous measurement can bring significant improvement. Pollen sensors combined with wind speed and direction can make an important difference.