Sensing and Tracking to Maximize Crop Yields

Whether on small farms with high value, high touch crops, or on large industrial spreads requiring careful planning and execution at scale, success in agriculture today demands weather and field sensing technology solutions that are effective and affordable. AEM has assembled a diverse set of brands to provide the full spectrum of solutions needed to monitor environmental conditions and crops, giving farmers real-time solutions so their harvest risks are minimized.

EnviroMonitor System

Measure, Monitor, and Manage

EnviroMonitor gives growers the environmental data needed to maximize yields, use resources efficiently, and make proactive decisions. A network of sensors sends data to the cloud via cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity for instant access.
Agro-meteorological Measurement Networks

Make Informed Decisions

High-precision sensors and data loggers provide farmers, master gardeners and wine growers with tools for high-value decisions. Lambrecht brings 160+ years of experience supporting crop irrigation, fertilizer use and pest management.
Water Accounting

Optimizing Irrigation Maximizes Yield

Managing irrigation requires knowing rainfall, soil moisture and other existing conditions, current water usage, remaining water allocation, and how much water is being lost. Water accounting tools optimize water usage by informing irrigation decisions.